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  1. Review: Sanjanaa (Kolkata)

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    Sanjanaa [Kolkata]

    I met Sanjanaa few months ago while she was visiting Delhi. She was staying in Paharganj so it meant another trek to Mahalakshmi which has become second home to all Kolkata shemales visiting Delhi. She is not very responsive on whatsapp so call if she doesn't reply.

    I reached Mahalakshmi and walked up the stairs to her room. She was at the door only and greeted me in. Looks more or less the same as her pics
  2. Hard fucker shemale just arrived in mumbai!

  3. Review: Bibi Wang ... revisited (Philippines)

    Brief Review: Bibi revisited

    Met her again couple of days back. Sheís in a hotel in Gurgaon. Reached the hotel around 11-11:30 at night. They asked me at the reception if Iím staying the night or just visiting. Told them Iím just visiting. Asked for my ID and I was a bit apprehensive in giving that but the guy just had a look at it and gave it back to me.

    Reached the room and she was ready and waiting for me. Had carried
  4. Review: Disha Dey (Kolkata)

    I have wanted to meet Disha ever since I saw her profile on TS Dating. Tried contacting her when I was in Kolkata last year but it didnít work out. She asked me where I was staying and then suggested not to come as sheís really far. I have never seen anyone doing that. She was honest and didnít want me traveling for hours. Thatís something you donít see often. Anyway, I thanked her and and told her that Iíll wait to meet her in Delhi when she visits.
  5. Review: Soniyaa (Delhi)

    Soniyaa :

    This one has been loooong overdue now. Just havenít got the time to write it down. Thankfully, the time spent with her is still etched in my memory as if I met her just yesterday.

    Soniya has been around for a while now. I remember seeing her profile on TS Dating couple of years ago when it first came up. Her transformation from then to here today has been remarkable. She was discussed on HA a few times and I recall answering ...
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