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  1. Sabrina Suzuki: the biggest cock in Brazil!

    Delight yourself with this beautiful shemale. Sabrina Suzuki is a beautiful tranny. Like all Brazilians, it has a beautiful and gigantic dick. This tgirl lives in Brazil and stars in the best pornographic videos.

  2. Cumshot

  3. Jane Douglas

    Has anyone seen her recently?
  4. Laura in Hamilton

    Quote Originally Posted by doudoune View Post
    So did you try her ? She's so hot ...
    No I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Was hoping to get some info first. She is hot. Guess I'm going to have to be the one to find out and fill the rest of you in on how it goes.
  5. Link for Asia

    Quote Originally Posted by Xdot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ray View Post
    I suggest you start with someone who has a smaller dick, like Asia. Even though she is smaller, she can pound you pretty damn good.
    Do you have a link for the girl you mentioned, Asia?
    Here ya go..and shes great!!
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