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  1. looking for friends

    hi everyone new on here and thought i would write this blog about myself.well i am 49 years old and just in the last two years realized i was bi in school everyone thought i was gay but i always steared away from those that said i was cause in my heart i knew i wasnt gay untill the last two years when on a webcam site called chaterbate i say a t-girl and i couldnt keep my eyes off her in a way does that make me gay or what i still like women too but i tend to stay with guys cause i have better luck. ...
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  2. Samarah in Victoria!!

    Quote Originally Posted by hyperbrit View Post
    ..I just saw her yesterday....extraordinary and sooo mysterious.Everything is as described in other reviews and then some. Here are my memories in no particular order: when she stood up after our 69 session I was looking at a beautiful girl with a rock hard cock sticking out...amazing, like being in two worlds.
    She got down on the bed to be fucked and I entered her,but because I am very thick it was a bit difficult for her and she said so. She came very quickly though and copiously all over
  3. TsTemptressCumming s

    Does anyone have any info on ts temptress cummings seems like she has a California number visiting Canada
  4. Fantasy Shemale Asian Escorts London

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  5. Beautiful lucy

    Quote Originally Posted by Pinkpantys View Post
    Don't waste your time with anybody else
    beautiful in all ways
    nothing else too say
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