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  1. My dick is as like my brain.

    Quote Originally Posted by sadeh View Post
    If you have a dick you will understand that it is like your brain.
    If take good care of your body, your health, your sexual desires, masturbation, and sexual intercourse, cum then you wil not feel the need to ever worry.

    Have a good time, do not think to much . don't Think about sex, cum and Orgasm
  2. Help with hotels

    Quote Originally Posted by NikkiKittens View Post
    I am looking to come back to Toronto in February and i would need help finding a nice CLEAN hotel either downtown or in mississauga that does not require a credit card since I never owned one.
    Any recommendations from my fellow SP or people from the area.
    Thank you xoxo
    Hey Nikki, that might be tricky, as I've never booked a hotel where they did not ask for a credit card.

    Best bet would be to call ahead and see what the deal is. I know the Eaton ...
  3. Any success on NON- Escort Sites or t-girls

    Quote Originally Posted by KelliBlueEyes View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dan_calgary View Post
    Anyone had success on any other sites

    I have had some mild success on

    In Calgary and with my trip to Philippines ,

    It is nice to have a girl that actually wants to go to bed with you overnight, not for money,

    So I have a bit of success, anyone else out there

    tinder instagram or whatever , share experiences or web-sites


    just my $0.02

    Tgirls , Events , Guys , News , Travel
  4. Sabrina Suzuki: the biggest cock in Brazil!

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  5. Cumshot

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