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Any success on NON- Escort Sites or t-girls

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Anyone had success on any other sites

I have had some mild success on

In Calgary and with my trip to Philippines ,

It is nice to have a girl that actually wants to go to bed with you overnight, not for money,

So I have a bit of success, anyone else out there

tinder instagram or whatever , share experiences or web-sites


just my $0.02

American girls interested in a relationship (and probably non-asian Canadians) will avoid sites with slurs like ladyboy or shemale in the title or address.
Trans and other genders are available on mainstream sites like okcupid
Craigslist varies by area, but there are non-escort girls on there if you can sort through all the cds and pros and flakes girls are pretty jaded because most of the guys are so flaky
trans iphone app is all young guys looking for hookups and afraid to publicaly date a trans girl is new and not a lot of users yet

IF you've had some experience dating trans women (and if you haven't I'd suggest a few appointments with a pro FIRST to get some experience), and you can be respectful, keep your pronouns straight, and avoid slurs, and you have a job, a car, and your own place, you'll probably have your pick of any real ts women looking for a relationship on any of the above sites.

Complete your profile, post face and fully clothed body pics - no sun glasses, smile, keep your shirt and pants on. Do not under any circumstances say in your profile you are looking for someone "passable" or "full-time" (even if you are, you can figure that stuff out later without looking like a douche by saying it in your profile). Do not ask questions about genitals or sexual preferences until you know her better (most of the above sites have fields for pre/post/non op and top/bottom/verse anyway) NEVER, EVER user the words "tranny" "shemale" or in the case of non-asians "ladyboy". Do not create profiles with words like hung, hard, etc. in them. Do not make any reference to your genitals in your profile.

READ THE ENTIRE PROFILE OF ANYONE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEFORE MESSAGING THEM!!! think carefully, if you are outside their geographic area, or for whatever reason otherwise not what she's looking for as indicated by her preferences if she's listed them in her profile, then do not waste your time or hers by contacting her.

These suggestions assume you are willing to take her out in public on a date to see if you click, and will treat her the same as you'd treat any other female. This also assumes you are single and available. If you're just looking for "discreet" hookups, or you're married or otherwise attached then you should ONLY be seeing escorts and paying for the privilege.

If you are the kind of loser who will send pics of your genitals to someone who has not first asked you to send one, or the kind of loser who wants to talk about sex with someone you have not yet met in person you will NEVER get any dates.

It is helpful, but not mandatory, if you are over 5'8" tall and over 30 years old. (The taller the better)

Most trans women are looking for a relationship with a guy who does not ever want her to top him. Total top guys have the best chance of finding a relationship with a trans woman. Very few girls are truely top or verse. About half won't let their partner touch their genitals at all. Bottom/verse guys get called faggots a lot. If anything you do, at any time, causes her to think or feel you care more about what's between her legs than what's between her ears you will be labelled a "chaser". She may even label you as a chaser on social media, which may prevent other girls from dating you.

I've pretty much given away the keys to the kingdom to any guy interested in a relationship with a trans woman. If every SINGLE guy who is trans amorous would take this advice there would be many happy trans women in relationships. Sorry to all the guys who want to bottom, there's just not many non-pro top/verse trans women out there, exactly like there are not many cis women looking to top with a strap-on. Trans women are wired mentally like cis women (if they are really trans).

If you're not willing to publicly date a trans woman, or you are married or otherwise attached, do yourself and us girls a big favor and stay off the dating sites altogether. Few girls are willing to do discreet hookups or be the "other woman". If you get caught out there, or you piss her off, she may out you. Divorce court judges don't look kindly on infidelity with trans women, so you could lose everything, IJS. Married or attached guys, or guys who are not willing to go out in public with their girl should stick to escorts. The difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less. It is worth the money to avoid complications if you are really only looking for a fling.

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