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Honestly, I'm all in to go on a Thursday. Might head over this coming Thursday, predrinking myself.

Just curious, I'm a private guy and I'd prefer to be discreet. I'm assuming it's discreet since we're all admirers there....

I'll be bringing money with me, I'm thinking 300 is enough? Someone please update on discretion and wallet size. Thanks.

P.S. If you want to come along shoot me a message on this thread.
The level of fun you have can be contingent on the amount of available funds - lol. I know people who can find fun with $20 in there pocket and still manage to make it a memorable night, to each there own. Just post on the day of or PM those who have expressed an interest in attending.

In terms of discreet, just remember if you see anyone there you know, it means your into the same things. Just laugh it off and share a drink!