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Thread: Backpage seized

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyla Wild View Post
    Through this mess, I called my lawyer. Here is the answer.

    The Law is VERY specific about how websites fit it. The conservative government is to blame for the confusion. Presently the only thing legal in canada is escorting, but you cannot advertise, the client is criminalized, websites are per the confusing law the conservatives passed. Also, any girl working in canada without A Work visa and without Canadian citizenship risks being grouped under human trafficking and deportation.

    This is taken directly from Bill C-36.

    The advertising offence targets persons who place advertisements in print media or post advertisements on websites. Publishers or website administrators could be held criminally liable as parties if they know of the existence of the advertisement and that the advertisement is in fact for the sale of sexual services. Bill C-36 also allows the court to order the seizure of materials containing advertisements for the sale of sexual services, as well as their removal from the Internet, regardless of who posted them, which is also consistent with Bill C-36’s objective of reducing demand for prostitution.

    Our personal escort websites, Shemale Canada, and pretty much any escort based site is now at risk.

    A website is responsible for its content according to Bill C-36 Section II.B under Advertising Offence. The Liberal government proposed to modify C-36 but that is a compaign promise that died and was never even brought up for debate.

    The US copied our law regarding website and advertising, and as such now can work TOGETHER. Lastly, these laws in Canada are meant to target street workers, minors, sex traffickers, victims of sex traffickers, illegal immigrants working in Canada without the proper paperwork etc. Not someone that is running a business, pays taxes, stay at home woman that does this from the privacy of their homes.
    None of this stuff has really been enforced due to the controversy of it and the change in government.
    This bill is many years old now.
    It looks like the Liberals are going to make a run at decriminalizing sex work.

    The push for the decriminalization of sex work came from the Young Liberals of Canada. It calls for the repealing of Harper-era changes to sex work laws, and to consult with sex workers and stakeholders on decriminalizing consensual sex work for Canadians 18 and older.
    The Young Liberals argue that the current regime puts sex workers at risk and doesn’t address underlying issues such as access to sexual health care and their relationship with police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saber3s View Post
    wasn't long before another one popped up!
    say hello to
    Looks like people are starting to use Switter for ads, reviews, contact, etc

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