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Thread: Michelle Austin's How To Have Oral Sex With A Trans Woman

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    Default Michelle Austin's How To Have Oral Sex With A Trans Woman

    For the first time an instructional video by trans individuals for trans admirers. If you have always wanted to know how to have oral sex with a trans woman, Michelle Austin discusses different ways oral sex differs from trans woman to trans woman and their cis counter parts. How you, as an admirer can go about pleasing your trans partner. In this instructional video get personable with Tgirls Betty Black and Kristen Kraves as they talk to Michelle about the things they enjoy orally. Then you will be invited, as both bring you into the bedroom as they instruct Tyler on what they want him to do orally for them. As you the viewer watch and learn, as Michelle is behind camera adding commentary in this ground breaking instructional series.
    Studio: Kennston Productions
    Director: Michelle Austin
    Starring:Tyler St. Syn Betty Black Kristen Kraves


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    People all like oral sex different ways, it is not a "trans" thing.
    What is their "CIS counterparts"?
    Does that mean girls pussy or men's cocks or something else?

    I don't understand the need to call everyone CIS.

    Why not say a girls pussy or man's cock or a trans cock.
    All these labels and acronyms are starting to get riduclous.
    I am not a CIS anything, I am a Man.
    Nearly all you need to know about me sexually is that I am a man.

    Not clear why they can't just say what they mean.

    Serving up Shemale for 16 years 2002 - 2018

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